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Extra Virgin Oil Schinosa Variety 5L


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Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from the pressing of Nocellara etnea, Nocellara del Belice and Picholine olives from our company olive groves, to create a exclusive blend handed down for generations.

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Extra virgin olive oil from the pressing of Nocellara etnea, Nocellara del Belice and Picholine olives, coming from our company olive groves.

Our 100% Schinosa oil comes from a fine and unmistakable blend handed down for generations within the family. It goes perfectly with meat and fish dishes and also with more structured preparations. It is excellent for the preparation of pestos, mayonnaise and accompanying sauces.

Green in color, with a fluid and clean appearance. It has strong hints of mown grass and tomato leaves. When tasted, it presents sweet notes of lettuce coast and then evolves into bitter, aromatic and spicy vegetal notes, showing a pleasant balance of flavors and intensity. bitter and artichoke, with a spicy note of black pepper.

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